8.45 am Care4esK - Topic: Getting to know Somerset’s Endangered Koalas and Threatened Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies.

Care4esK is a community group of dedicated volunteers based in the Somerset Region. They collaborate with multiple agencies, including Queensland Universities and First Nations groups, to research local Koala and Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby populations. This research enables a broader understanding of these Threatened and Endangered species. Care4esK is also part of a network of wildlife rescuers, aiding in the rescue and transport of sick and injured Koalas at all hours of the day and night. Our precious wildlife is being impacted in many ways. Creating a greater awareness and understanding is the key to securing a future for these species.

10 am Paul Plant - Topic : We have 5 senses so let's use them in the garden.

He has the perfect name for it and, fortunately, he has the enthusiasm to match. Paul Plant’s experience as editor and owner of Sub Tropical Gardening magazine is backed by his various roles on regional radio as gardening presenter which in turn is backed by his career as a horticulturalist. Currently he is Garden Talkback Presenter at 4BC Brisbane. Paul, a Registered Horticulturist is recognised as one of the most influential garden people in Australia. Paul loves to share his knowledge and passion about gardening. He is one of eight people in Australia recognised in the 2016 book by Dr Anne Vale ‘Influential Australian Garden People’.

11.30 Kate Wall - Topic : Habitat Gardening

Kate is a gardening coach based in Brisbane, whose mission is to empower gardeners to create their own dream gardens; gardens which are beautiful, sustainable, and personal. Kate’s career changed from environmental science to professional gardening after the 2011 floods in which her own local community was severely affected. Her volunteer efforts to restore flooded gardens saw her earn several awards including a prestigious “Ray Phippard Fellowship” from the Lions International. Kate is the author of three popular gardening books: Working With Weeds; a practical guide to understanding, using and managing weeds, Earth Repair Gardening; The lazy gardener’s guide to saving the Earth, and Gardening After A Flood.

1 pm Claire Bickle - Topic: Citrus Success

Claire is well known for her enthusiastic presenting, writing, broadcasting, and educating on her favourite topics; gardening, chooks, children and all things related to sustainability and nature. She has written for many publications and companies over the years. Claire is a regular presenter of gardening and sustainability topics on ABC Radio Brisbane. On her 2acre garden in the western suburbs of Brisbane Claire takes pleasure in creating, enjoying, and working her eclectic productive yet ornamental garden for herself, husband and 3 children. This is all combined to blend in with the surrounding native habitat. And there is of course her collection of various poultry, from chooks to ducks, plus geese and turkeys.